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About We Buy Houses Salt Lake

We are a real estate investment company specializing in buying and flipping Salt Lake properties. Our priority is to give our clients the best available solution. By selling to We Buy Houses Salt Lake, homeowners don’t need to fix their houses, deal with realtors or pay commissions. We guarantee sellers a quick and hassle-free home sale. We buy houses as-is and renovate them if necessary. So, you won’t spend time and money readying your house for a sale.  With our help, your foreclosure, troublesome tenants, poor conditions, probate property, and divorce problems can dissipate! How? We’ll buy your house despite its issues.

Prominent Members Of The Team (Owners)

Matt S owner of We Buy Houses Salt Lake City

Matt Stark

Matt Stark grew up in Colorado and relocated to San Diego, California, where he served in the navy. He moved to Northern California in the year 2000 to work and study. He earned a marketing degree in 2006 and launched his marketing agency in 2007. Matt relishes shooting pool, golfing, and vacationing with his wife and young kid in his leisure time.

Meet Elisa

Elisa Stark

Elisa came to California in 2010 to pursue her MBA at Golden Gate University. After graduating and working in San Francisco at a top solar company, she eventually met Matt and they married soon thereafter. She came into real estate at the same time as Matt and loves it very much. In her free time, Elisa loves traveling, baking and spending time with her family.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our honesty and successful track record set us apart from the competition. We seek to provide you with a premium and personalized selling experience that specifically addresses your issues. When you consult us, we’ll tell you if selling to us would benefit you more than listing your home. If listing your home is the best for your situation, we recommend a realtor. That’s what makes us unique.

Meet the team - We Buy Houses Salt Lake

Our Commitment To Customers

We are real estate investors that purchase houses and fix them up to flip for profit. However, we don’t make our profit by exploiting customers. Our years of experience have set us up with a network of contractors willing to give us tremendous billing.

Hence, we can renovate and fix up houses 30-50% lower than homeowners would. That helps us save money and, of course, allows for a better cash offer. In addition, we have an ethical code that will enable us to hold our end of the bargain in all our dealings.

Our Basic Core Values Are:

integrity Integrity – We’ll always advise you based on what’s best for your situation. We would never lowball you or take advantage of your circumstances.

excellent service Excellent Service – We aim for an impeccable selling experience because we are customer-centric. We would render nothing short of outstanding services to you. And We adore favorable feedback because our reputation means the world to us!

communication Our Communication – We strive to update you on whatever happens during the transaction. We’ll contact you to notify you of any changes and occasionally assure you that everything is going as planned. Insecurity breeds fear, which causes worry. Hence, we would love to prevent this at all costs. 

Our reputation was built on trust and years of honest service. Hence, we’ll always strive to protect it. To achieve this, we train our team to be proactive always. We anticipate any problems and address them instantly to avoid any form of delay. This has helped us close deals in record time!

We also refer homeowners to realtors when we believe they have a better shot at landing huge deals. We understand that not every call leads to a business deal. However, every call is an opportunity to help a homeowner; luckily, we love helping!

We enjoy making homeowners’ lives easy and hassle-free. Hopefully, we can help you resolve your problems so that you can move on to better things! So, call us now, and we’d be delighted to serve in any way possible.