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We Buy Houses Salt Lake
How We Buy Houses

Selling your house fast for cash in Salt Lake, UT  could be seamless with our help. We buy houses in Salt Lake as is. No commissions, no realtors, and no hassle. Get a FREE cash offer TODAY!


    We buy houses AS-IS in Salt Lake. Get a honest cash offer for free today! Fill this short form or call us at 435 500-5077.

    What's Our Buying Process Like?

    sell your house to investors step one

    Contact us and share essential property information (including images).

    sell your house to investors step two

    Schedule a house visit to inspect your property in person

    sell your house to investors step three

    Receive an honest NO COMMITMENT cash offer

    sell your house to investors step four

    We close ASAP, and you get paid.

    What to expect when selling to us: We’ll quote you a reasonable offer immediately after contacting us. Our availability is 24/7, even during holidays! Simply call us at (435) 500-5077. Due to our vast experience, we can do a lot of legwork to ensure our cash offer is accurate. And so that you can get your honest cash offer in a few minutes or 24 hours.

    We love to review the details of our offer on-site when we check out the property. We get to work and strive for a quick close when you accept our offer.  You’ll get your cash in hand within 3-30 days.

    sell your house fast and easy

    Sell Your House Fast And Hassle Free

    We Buy Houses Salt Lake purchases properties across Salt Lake, Utah, United States. During our years of practice, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners sell houses fast by providing a  simpler and direct alternative to the traditional route. 

    We aren’t realtors. Hence we don’t use the Multiple Listing Service to sell your home. Since we are real estate investors, we buy your house directly and pay cash. 

    As a result, we can close quickly without no delays. In addition, there are no commissions, fees, or closing costs while selling to us.

    Selling your house to We Buy Houses Salt Lake is a stark contrast to listing it on the housing market. The current condition of your home doesn’t matter to us. We buy houses strictly AS IT SITS– including hoarder properties. 


    How Do We Purchase Houses?

    We buy homes in 3 simple steps. Once you get a cash offer, you accept, and we close. It doesn’t get easier than that! Skip all the hassle of selling and go straight to closing. No realtors, no commissions. It’s all a breeze. That’s how we purchase houses in 3 simplified processes.You probably have tons of questions about our buying process. Hence, we’ve outlined those frequently asked questions and provided a simple and clear answer. 


    Here are some FAQs

    happy sellers sold fast to we buy houses

    Home Buying Process

    We operate with an utterly simplified procedure. And it has always worked perfectly in any circumstance. So here’s a complete breakdown of our process. 

    That’s what to expect when you contact us.

    We Buy All Kinds Of Houses In Utah

    What Do We Consider While Preparing Your Offer?

    We’ve got a deep well of experience deciding a home’s worth. That’s how we manage to deliver competitive prices that beat most competitors. 

    Additionally, we always address each transaction with a profound understanding of how important your property is to you. Hence, we ensure we offer the best offer possible. 

    To ensure you get an accurately drafted offer, our team considers the following factors:

    We always prepare our cash offer based on your answers to these questions. This helps us craft a personalized offer best suited for your home.  

    How Do We Calculate Cash Offers?

    “How much is my house worth?” This burning question pops up when all homeowners decide to sell their house for cash. But the answer to this question boils down to our tested formula for calculating cash offers. And what is our recipe for a well-crafted cash offer?

    Our Formula For Cash Offers

    Our simple formula for buying houses consists of four parts. Before we delve into details on each section of the formula, this is how we calculate cash offers:




    ARV means After Repair Value. It’s the retail value of your property on local real estate marketing, provided there’s no need for repairs or any deferred maintenance. 


    The required repairs for a house to reach it’s After Repair Value is pretty subjective. So, we can’t always have a perfect prediction of the cost of repairs. For example, it’s not usual to discover foundation issues while fixing the flooring; neither is it a rarity to notice plumbing problems when remodeling a bathroom. 

    That’s why we always endeavor to inspect the house thoroughly to detect any issues and reduce our risks.  In extreme cases, we make provisions for potential fixes in our proposal.

    Transaction Cost 

    There are several kinds of transaction costs. First is the loan fees we pay our lender, which amounts to 2-5% of the renovation cost. The loan fees also include interest-only monthly installment fees and loan origination fees. 

    Realtors often charge 5% on average, and half of it belongs to the buyer’s agent. So our transaction costs typically amount to 15% of the total cost.

    Minimum Profit

    We support our families and stay in business by making profits as real estate investors. Hence, we aim for a profit of 15%– although our profit varies. 

    But we’d also be fine with exceeding our budget and making a 10% profit instead. We are always cautious while drafting a quote for repairs because one little mistake can erode our profit. We can’t always have a perfect estimate for  repairs, but most times, a 15% profit margin makes up for our shortages.

    Your Cash Offer

    The sum of our transaction costs and minimum profits is 30%. Hence our formula: ARV- 30%- Repairs= Your Cash Offer. 

    That’s our simple procedure for calculating cash offers.  What you see is what you get when we give a cash offer. Our offer doesn’t change, and there are no surprises. We’ll handle all repairs, pay all costs, and send the promised cash. 

    Curious about how much we’ll offer for your home? You are one click away from a fair, NO OBLIGATION cash offer…

    What Details Inform Our Decisions To Purchase A House?

    How Long Does Our Buying Process Last?

    Immediately after you accept our offer, we strive to close quickly! We envisage potential problems and resolve them in record time. That’s how we’ve successfully kept our promise to close fast.


    Your acceptance triggers our fast closing process. We collect every information our renowned title organization demands. Most times, this includes our Earnest Money deposit and purchase agreement. In addition, we address every issue that crops up to avoid any delay in closing fast.

    We’ll ensure the title company scrutinizes the property title to determine if it’s transferable. At the same time, we’ll acquire our funding and finalize any inspections required. 

    Finally, we’ll complete the sale of your home, and you’ll get paid. All these processes could take 7 days.  And if any complications arise with the title transferability or any information, it can take about 10-28 days.

    Need an honest cash offer? Contact us TODAY.